Roku offers the easiest way to stream movies, tv shows, music, cartoons and much more to your TV. Setup the Roku, choose multiple channels, and access your choice. The allows access to your favorite channels. This link activates the Roku Streaming device. Here, the user needs to enter the link code which will be available to user when connecting roku with their smart tv.

Procedure to create roku account

If you want to create Roku account then you need to visit these instruction orderly:

1. Firstly, go to the webpage.
2. Now, navigate to the sign-in page.
3. Click on the signup option.
4. Fill all the required details.
5. Now you must create a unique Roku pin for securing your account.
6. Finally, complete the account creation by entering your credit card information.

How to Generate Roku Activation Code?

Roku Activation Code is case sensitive e.g. LR345. To get your activation code, checkout these steps:

1. Connect your Roku device with TV.
2. You should have activate internet connection
3. When you are connected to the internet, the device will attempt to install or update a few software.
4. After the software is updated, Roku link code will be displayed on tv.
5. Note the Roku code which you will need to enter for account verification and activation purpose

Add Channels to your Roku Device:

Following instructions below will explain how to add channel directly from your Roku-connected TV:

1. Go through with the Channel Store using roku remote and press “OK”.
2. Search for the channel you wish to have.
3. Once your desired channel is found and to add it, select channel and press “OK” & on your remote.
4. Option of checkbox will be on the lower right corner of the channel logo.
5. You are all set to stream your Roku Channel list.